Deadmines and Ragefire Chasm

Ok, Largo is off to a pretty good start!

I started out with a naked Deadmines run, using only the mace I’d gotten from that first kill I mentioned in the first post. And I had two cloth items as well – trousers and shoes. I decided on running Deadmines first because I had quests to do in there, which I wouldn’t have in Ragefire. Also, I’m more used to running Deadmines and know my role in there.

I’ve created a macro that lets people know as soon as I enter the dungeon that I’m doing an Ironman run and that while I lack gear, I’m still decently competent and won’t cause any problems. Needless to say, the others wanted to kick me from the run immediately. 🙂

Fortunately, they can’t kick you for the first five minutes, so I had five minutes to get them on my side. And when they realized I wasn’t dying, and was actually doing better DPS than the rogue, they let me stay. We actually had a very smooth run with a good NE druid as tank, nobody died, and the only one who was considered for kicking was the rogue, who lived up to his class and rolled need on as much as he could. Moron.

Because of him, I didn’t get a lot of stuff that I could use. I did manage to lay my hands on a Raider’s Chestpiece of the Bear, and Raider’s Boots of Stamina, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I also picked up “gray” items – Burnished Pauldrons and Worn Mail Gloves, but I won’t bother linking them here.

Ragefire Chasm was easy – straight for the final boss, and took him out. Between the two dungeons and some quests I could hand in, Largo is now a level 20 warrior.

Here are the pictures to prove the successful runs:


Ragefire Chasm

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2 Responses to Deadmines and Ragefire Chasm

    • wowironman says:

      Yeah, I agree. Actually, the worst runs are probably the two or three first ones, when you lack everything, or only have a few pieces. After that, it seems to get more accepted by people.

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