The Ironman Challenge.


I’ve decided to create a blog for my “Ironman Run” in World of Warcraft, so anyone can follow my adventures.

The “Ironman Run” is a challenge to complete all dungeons in World of Warcraft, by only using equipment that you find in the dungeons while you run them.

So, for my first dungeon, I’ll have to start naked, and then get gear as it drops in the dungeon.

Before starting this blog, I did one short test run in Deadmines. I had to pull out shortly after the first boss, but his mace dropped, so at least I can use that now.

Other than that, I’m only wearing cloth pants and shoes that I found in the same run. Here’s a screenshot of what my character currently looks like. He’s named Largo, and he’s a level 18 Draenei warrior. I decided on a warrior because I already have a paladin and a death knight at lvl 80, and I wanted a character that can eventually tank his dungeon runs so it will be smoother to get in all those dungeons.

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2 Responses to The Ironman Challenge.

  1. Valdiis says:

    Are you allowed to use the gear out of the Satchel of Helpful Goods?

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