Shadowfang keep down.

I usually don’t spend time playing WoW during the weekends, if you wonder why there weren’t any updates.  I spend that time with my girlfriend, meeting friends, and at times – working. Yeah, I know. Shocker.

Today, I was back to gaming. I had two unlucky runs, that fortunately ended well. The first, another run through deadmines, was unlucky because we ended up with a tank who didn’t know how to tank, and needed on everything. Completely horrible. I’m still in my DPS spec, but pretty much anyone can tank one of these runs, so I went into defensive stance and started tanking instead. I got us past the giant ogre, and then we were finally able to boot the “tank”. We got another guy who knew what he was doing, and it was a breeze from there. I picked up a pair of mail leggings and a mail belt.

The second run was Shadowfang Keep, which is the only new dungeon I cleared today. It also started off bad with a DPS dropping group right after having needed on an item on the first boss. Instead, we got a huntard – and I don’t use that term lightly, because I like playing my hunter. But this guy needed on everything, including greens, and refused to give it to someone who could actually use it.

So we pulled a pack of Worgen and let them chew on his face after he had done it three times.

From there on, it was smooth sailing. We cleaned house, and Arugal went down like a charm. Here’s the screenshot:

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4 Responses to Shadowfang keep down.

  1. Stop says:

    Dude, this is pretty spectacular what you’re doing. I’m rootin’ for you, I’ve added you to my reader. 🙂

    Are you selecting dungeons or running randomly? If you’re doing randoms, here’s hoping you can get over the relatively gearless hump that is Stockades – it seems like around the mid 20s, that’s the only dungeon the dungeon finder ever wants to put me in.

    • wowironman says:

      Thanks mate!

      It’s a combination of the two. Since I want to run every dungeon in the game, I sometimes choose which dungeon I’m going to run. When I’m at an appropriate level for a new dungeon, I queue only for that dungeon. Unfortunately, that can take up a lot of time, so once I’ve done the specific dungeon I go back to running randoms. It goes a bit faster.

      So far, the biggest challenge with the “Ironman” is almost sub-par group members. If I can do more DPS than a rogue, naked, then that guy is doing something terribly wrong. And it feels like we always have to boot one player from every run because of pulling stupid crap.

  2. Dracomage says:

    Good luck with your efforts!

    Add to my Reader queue.

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