First fail.

Well, today’s run was the first big fat greek fail.

It’s really got nothing to do with greeks. I just feel a need to add that whenever I say “big fat”. And this run was very… greek.

I only had time for one run today, because me and my girlfriend are moving in a month, and today we’ve had to empty out the shelves and pack everything into bags. The couple we’ve been subletting from have decided to sell the apartment, which suits us fine, since we are signing a contract for our very own apartment on thursday morning. But they’ve decided to get some homestyling to make some extra cash, and the homestylers have ordered some furniture to be thrown out of the apartment. We’ve been working all day, and were finally done once they arrived. Now we’re living in boxes for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, the run was a complete fail from the start. I got into Blackfathom Deeps, and from the looks of it, our mage was tanking it. He sure pulled aggro from everything he could. And made sure to mention he had a level 45 draenei warrior. I don’t know why. Probably some kind of information service. Very kind of him.

The tank tried, but wasn’t able to keep aggro for his life. I don’t have much to complain about with regard to him – he tried his best, it wasn’t enough. But at least he tried.

The first healer went offline and had to be booted. The second healer seemed to think he was on world explorer challenge, because he seemed to run over every inch of the dungeon he could get to. He would’ve been better off healing. But nooo – running around and pulling extra adds seemed to be more his melody. All the while, the tank is trying to kill stuff, the mage is tanking and yelling for heals (on him of course, not the tank), while a poor DPS paladin is trying to keep everyone topped off while everything is falling apart around him. Myself, I’m softly hitting my head against the desk.

I swear, this challenge sometimes doesn’t seem like so much a challenge of only finding gear in the dungeons, as it seems to be about finding a functioning group in the dungeons. Skill over gear? Heck yeah!

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of the last wipe before I decided to pull out.

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4 Responses to First fail.

  1. arita says:

    Hope you can start tanking soon. I’ve found while leveling though the finder if I tanked I always completed my run, when I healed it was usually, when I dps I can’t get a good group for nothing.

    • wowironman says:

      Yeah, I hope to be able to start tanking soon. The biggest issue for me has been finding a good sword and shield so I can start in on it – because the tank is always needing on the shields and swords that drop in dungeons, and it would be rude of me to need it when he’s the one tanking. And so far, I haven’t had any luck with green shields dropping.

  2. Dracomage says:

    Couple of ideas for shield:
    The rare spawn in Deadmines (miner) drops a blue shield. Next tank shield is off the last boss in SM. After that, the only shield I recall that drops is from the Trinkerer in Maraudon (but its a caster shield!).

    Good luck finding a tank weapon/shield. I sincerely doubt you’ll be tanking a lot. DPS will be your most likely method of doing randoms.

  3. wowironman says:

    Thanks for the tips, Draco!

    Yeah, finding a solid sword and shield has proven to be pretty hard so far. And I’m not pulling a move like the tank from the Stockades run (who tried to do it without a shield), so as long as I don’t have decent enough gear for tanking, I’m not going to try my hands at it.

    Tomorrow is the last day of the homestyling people visiting us. It’ll be a relief once they’re gone. They’ve pretty much made the apartment impossible to live in. Probably looks great on photo though. I’ll be happy to get rid of them and have a functional living space again.

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