Well, we’re still busting our asses working on the apartment, but I did get in a quick run of the Stockades. It was my first time in, and as usual, the group members were a larger issue than my gear.

The tank was a level 29 paladin in awful gear. I mean, worse than mine. With cloth pieces thrown in here and there. Died on the very first pull. A part of me was wondering if this tank had decided to do the same Ironman Challenge as me. If so, that was a bad move. An undergeared DPS, yeah, you can get away with that? An undergeared tank wearing cloth? And no shield? Sorry, that’s not going to cut it even in vanilla dungeons. Not even in stockades, and that’s saying something.

We had to boot the tank once again, and we got another one. By then the rest of the group members had decided that they were all tanks, so they didn’t bother with following the new guy’s directions very much. A messy run, but at least I got the boss down. No equipment drops for me in this one though, and my level might be a problem soon. I’m getting into pretty high dungeons now, and I’m still in crap gear. This might be harder than expected. Hopefully it’ll work out though.

Anyway, here’s the screenshot of today’s kill.

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3 Responses to Stockades.

  1. Dracomage says:

    Ugh. Stockades is a nightmare if the tank is not good.

    Loads of runners, 3-5 mobs pulls, etc. Only good thing is that there is no ranged/caster mobs.

    And no healing pots is going to be hell if you are tanking.

  2. wowironman says:

    Yeah. It’s extremely important to make use of Hamstring and other, similar abilities, to prevent those runners from pulling an extra group.

    On the other hand – if the tank is good, and people make use of their movement impairing skills, it’s an extremely quick and easy run.

  3. John says:

    I’ll note that the original rules for this involved using a level 80, not a fresh character. At least, when I read this:

    It says: “You can Ironman alone or with a group. Eventually, groups become necessary.”

    So certainly you can’t Ironman with a level 18 without a group. 🙂

    Actually, if you only get items from running instances, you should end up with all Rares, which should be pretty good for regular leveling (as in, better than quest greens). I suppose the big issue would just be all the gaps in your gear if you aren’t farming an instance for all of your drops before moving to the next one. (IIRC there really isn’t that much variety from stuff like DM, and Stocks has 0 blue items.)

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