Icecrown Citadel.

Took a short time-out to gear up my hunter to get in my first ICC 25-man. I’d say it went pretty good. We cleared the first instance, and I only died twice. Once from a spirit kill on the second boss, and once in the gunship battle. And the gunship battle was done on heroic level. No phat loot though, for my part. Second boss dropped the longbow, and I rolled a whooping 14 for it.

Now, back to business.

Reader John commented that the “Ironman Challenge” was originally intended for level 80’s. And rightly so. But where’s the fun in that? I could take my pally into deadmines, ragefire chasm, and kill every single thing in there. But where’s the “challenge” part? You’re basically boring yourself to tears for the 15-58 stretch of dungeons, I guess. It’s not until after that it starts to become interesting.

No, I want to take Largo from being a lowly level 18 warrior, up to 80, and then gear him up without using emblems. And see how far it gets me. At some point, I guess I will start spending those badges, but let’s see how far I can go with this.

The longer the better, I suppose. I really want to keep this blog alive.

Any questions or comments, like Johns, are always appreciated. I’ll try to answer every single one. Maybe not in a post, but I thought this one deserved an answer like this.

Thanks for reading. Watch out for me in the PUGs. 😉

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